Saturday, August 3, 2013

Levi – Week 15

Getting behind with the weekly updates(now I’m even farther behind because our internet was out all week!!). I was sitting here thinking I couldn’t even remember how many weeks old Levi was. I do know that he’s going to be 4 months tomorrow(July 29th). Crazy! It feels like he’s been with us forever and not just a few short months… But onto the pictures… Cuteness OVERLOAD!!! He is such a little sweetheart…

He didn’t seem to mind sitting in the grass.


Jack in his face was another story…


Staring so thoughtfully at his caterpillar.

P7131299 P7131300




Back to that caterpillar…

P7141315 P7161325

Finally figured out how to get those fingers in the mouth.


Our happy boy!

Week15 (2)

Sleepy walk with Momma

Week15 (1)

First time in the highchair


Went to get him after a nap and found this little cutie!!


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