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Hi! Welcome to our blog! I'm Melissa, and my husband Mike and I are doing our best to love life and enjoy every minute together!!

Some things about me... I'm a new first time Mom so right now I'm all about all things baby! I'm looking forward to (most) all the things that come with being a Mommy!  This is quite the learning experience but Levi is a joy to have in our lives!! Right now I'm learning how to balance the life of a wife/mommy with working full time!

I've been employed by the billing department of a local multi-specialty doctor's office for almost 10 years. And when I'm not at work I enjoy baking and cooking(in general I like eating), photography, playing piano, reading, walking, relaxing, spending as much time as possibly with my husband and son!

This is my wonderful husband Mike...

 He is a HUGE baseball fan and roots for the Phillies and the Baltimore Orioles. He enjoys watching the occasional game on t.v. as well as getting around to a few ball parks during the baseball season. Asides from his baseball addiction he has a coffee addiction. Mike also enjoys classical music, visiting art museums, the theatre, and reading/history . We also both enjoy outdoor activities like walking, biking, and hiking. Mike dreams of someday owning/running a coffee bar! He is currently working on completing his bachelor's degree majoring in Business 

We love being married and so far we've kept quite busy these first few years of marriage. We love starting everyday out with a coffee or a latte and look forward to sharing each new adventure(no matter how big or small) that happen along the way.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello, please send us an email at: lifewithmikeandmelissa@gmail.com

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