Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Us - Randomness

Obviously we like wearing the same clothes often. :-)

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To Baltimore MD With Friends

In May we met up with our friends Simon and Jenny. We did some shopping, went to the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Aquarium. A great day of fun that made us wish Simon and Jenny lived a little bit closer and we could hang out more often!

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Getting ready to go to the IMAX.

 P4072113 P4072115 P4072116

The dolphin show was lots of fun.

P4072137 P4072139 P4072142 P4072145 P4072150

A sloth doing what they do best…

P4072151 P4072159 P4072160

Trip To Washington D.C.

In March we went to D.C. along with Lydia and Elisabeth. We managed to get to a couple different museums before we were wore out and called it a day…


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