Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Grandparents

When my Grandparents were married and the words “til death do us part” were spoken, they truly meant what they said. What an example these two have been to their children as well as to their grandchildren. I’m sure during their many years of marriage they faced some very tough times. But they got through each of them and this year on December 8th they were able to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary!!! This is probably a number few couples get to celebrate together. And you can tell they still love each other plus now when they do get annoyed at one another they have the advantage of just turning their hearing aids off!! :-)

Pap Grandma 65th

This has been (from my point of view) quite a year for Pap and Grandma.

They were able to attend my wedding (which was very special for me)!!

121 MichaelandMelissa-19


And their first great-grandchild, Jaden was born!!


Grandma Jaden

Pap Jaden


Happy 65th Anniversary

Pap & Grandma!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Did You Find In Your Washer Today?

Normally when you look in your washer you possibly see a forgotten sock, pieces of lint, if your lucky maybe even some loose change. But me? Nope, I wouldn’t be that fortunate. As I get ready to throw a load of whites in the washer I look down. And I spotted something… What is that? Ewww gross, I jump back thinking I’m going crazy. Then slowly it’s back for a second look… Sure enough, there was a BAT in my washing machine!!! This I truly could have lived without. But Dad was nice enough to come to the rescue since Mike was still at work. Thanks Dad and enjoy your new pet!! :-)



Friday, December 3, 2010

Hannah’s 4th Birthday

This past Sunday we gathered at the Brown’s to celebrate Hannah’s fourth birthday.

Of course holding Kendric is always fun!

P1010172 P1010173P1010177

The Birthday Girl


She’s laughing because you can do that when there’s only 4 candles on your cake. Enjoy it now Hannah!! ;-)


Never hurts to have help blowing out your candles. :-)


Digging in…


Present time!


Kendric looking silly but cute!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thursday – Time To Go Home

Well, we knew the fun wouldn’t last forever and that we’d have to go home. I think Thursday was going to be the hottest day of the week so I was kinda glad we were heading out. Unfortunately since we had to check out at 11 we didn’t have time to do much. We did eat breakfast at Maya Grill. I had pancakes and I think they were fried. Kinda tastes like funnel cakes to me. Very good though! And after breakfast Mike and I took our last walk around the lake. Got the stuff out of our room and sat in the sun until 12:15 when the bus picked us up to take us to the airport. Were we had a couple more hours to kill before we got on the plan. Fortunately the flight home seemed to fly by(no pun intended). And before long we were back in our very own home, which I was happy to see!!

 P1010138P1010137P1010139 P1010140 P1010142 P1010147  P1010149  P1010152P1010155

Wednesday – Half Conference Half Epcot!

What? Wednesday already??!! SLOW DOWN week, you weren’t supposed to go by quite so fast!! This was the day I had a chance to eat breakfast with my husband. I enjoyed a plate of french toast(love the stuff)!! Then it was off to my last classes of the week. It was nice only having a half day. As soon as class was over we headed for the bus back to the hotel. We had tickets for Disney that were good starting at 2pm and we were there pretty much right on the dot!! This was the best afternoon of the week!! We went to SOOOO many places, we ate supper in Italy, had dessert in France and also stopped at Norway, Germany, China,  Japan, and ended things with a boat ride in Mexico!! Italy had the BEST pizza every!! And the chocolate cake and cheesecake for dessert = just plain YUMMY!! So were the apple turnovers that we took back to the hotel to enjoy for breakfast the next morning… Epcot was quite the experience and we would go back to Disney just to go there again!! Oh and the rides we went on were fun too… ;-)


P1010096 P1010097 P1010098  P1010101 P1010102 P1010103 P1010104 P1010105 P1010106 P1010107 P1010108 P1010109 P1010110      P1010117 P1010118 P1010119     P1010124 P1010126 P1010127 P1010128 P1010129 P1010130 P1010132