Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks…


No I didn’t forget days 17-30. But life took over and blogging took a back seat as normal. Here’s more things I’m thankful for and I’m sure the list could go on and on and on…


I am thankful for…

17. Our jobs

18. Our church

19. Hot Chocolate

20. Evening devotions with Mike

21. Cameras/Photography

22. Cooking/Baking

23. Sunny Days

24. Uplifting Music

25. Ice Cream

26. Books

27. Holidays & spending time with family

28. Target

29. My Country & Freedom

30. Our new Espresso Machine


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 16

I am thankful for… Missionaries! It’s such a big world out there and so many need to hear about Christ. I’m thankful for the many missionaries that follow the Lord’s leading to other countries, and also those who minister in the United States. So many leave their family and friends to go to a new country, new culture, and strangers. Willing to give up all they know and have to follow God’s will and serve their Lord and Savior and share the plan of salvation to those may have never heard.


Mark 16:15-16

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be dammed. 



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 15

I am thankful for.. Laughter! So I don’t have a picture of Mike and I laughing that I know of. And if your wondering, yes, he can make me laugh until I cry.

I went a few years back to some pictures taken at my parents 25 anniversary. I don’t remember what prompted this but I do know that it is true laugh until your stomach hurts and tears are running down your face laughter!! :-)


30 Days Of Thanks – Day 14

I am thankful for… Our Dishwasher! Certainly my world wouldn’t end without it. And yes we normally wash some dishes by hand everyday. I’m so thankful for my dish washer. At the end of a day when I’ve worked 8 hours and cooked a meal I’m thankful that this simplifies the dish washing process and gives Mike and I more time together…


30 Days Of Thanks – Day 14

I am thankful for… A husband to hold hands with!!




30 Days Of Thanks – Day 13

I am thankful for… The many blessings in my life!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 12

I am thankful for… My Grandparents! This coming Tuesday (the 15th) my Pap is turning 90!! What an amazing milestone to reach. And this coming December my Grandparents will celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary!! I am so thankful to still have my Grandparents and that they are still in great health for their ages!!

Yesterday our family gathered together to celebrate my Pap’s 90th birthday…

PB121505 PB121506 PB121502 PB121510

Pap and his brother Kenny(he came in from Ohio)


Pap & Grandma :-)


Aunt Nancy, Aunt Jean, Pap, Grandma & Mom


Me with Pap & Grandma


The Grandkids

 PB121516 PB121517 PB121518 PB121519

Mike & I with Dad & Mom


Mike & Amy, Pap & Grandma – Amy and Mike made the awesome forest cake!!


Me and my Hunny!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 11

I am thankful for… Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter! Yes, I complain in the spring when allergies hit, and I complain in the summer when the humidity is high, and I complain in the fall when the temperatures see saw back and worth between hot weather and cooler weather and I end up with a cold. And I complain during winter when it’s freezing out or when I have to shovel snow. But honestly I do love things about each and every season and I think it would be boring to live in a place where the climate stayed the same year around. I’m thankful for all the different seasons!!



P1010012 P1010018 P1010020 P1010021


17,0v P6190733







30 Days Of Thanks – Day 10

I am thankful for… My Health! I believe this is something I take for granted often. But these last couple weeks I’ve been fighting a sore throat that always shows up this time of year when the weather changes. And it makes me thankful that the days of the year where I don’t have a sore throat out number the days of the year that I do. 




Last year this time I was headed into the days upon days of being sick… I am NEVER sick, it had been years(almost 10) since I’d been to the doctor for anything. And that was just a driver’s physical. And suddenly I found myself with shingles, a couple of UTI’s, hives, the flu, and cold after cold after cold. It was pretty much a miserable winter for me. My immune system seemed to be shot. Thankfully, I haven’t been sick since last winder ended(aside from some allergies) and I pray things will stay that way for me.

And despite the rough times I had last winter I am still very thankful for the health I have and pray the Lord continues to bless me with a healthy future!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 9

I am thankful for… Our Home! Due to the price of rent in our area we decided our best option would be to buy a home. We looked and looked and suddenly a end unit townhouse caught out eye. It looked like the perfect first home. We took a look, liked what we saw and made an offer. Before we knew it the very first, and only house we looked at became ours.

Many hours of work and lots of labor of love were put into our home to make the outward appearance more appealing. But far more importantly that the outward appearances I’m thankful for the love that can be found within these four walls. And I pray that our home can be a place were family and friends know they are always welcome!
















Families all around  us are crumbling every day,

Yielding to the enemy and throwing life away.

Bind our lives together, Guard us with Your truth;

When the struggle seems too great, Lord, keep our eyes on You.

Thank You for Your goodness; our love was in Your plan.

Help us face the future always trusting in Your hand.

Keep us warm and tender; Keep us clean and pure.

Drive us to each other’s arms, and make our love endure

Lord, bless our home, protect our home;

Let it be a refuge in this world of sin.

Lord, reign within, keep us strong and true:

And when we need You most,

Lord, draw us close, committed to each other.

Lord, bless our home: we give our home to you.




Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 8

I am thankful for… Friends, old & new! First I’m not sure what life wouldn’t have been like without my best friend Kina. Life hasn’t been the same since both of us got married and she moved a couple hours away but I’m so thankful for the many memories we made and all the adventures we had together. I still have days that I miss her like crazy!!!


And I am also thankful for some new friends we made at church this year. We’ve had such fun hanging out with these couples and their kiddos and we look forward to future get togethers and getting to know them all even better!

Melissa, Drew & BraydonP8151089  


Jeff, Heather & Melissa(yes there are a lot of Melissa’s ;-) )


P.S. Please do not be offended if your name/picture didn’t make these post. It would have taken me forever to acknowledge everyone!! I’m thankful for all the friends in our lives!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day Seven

I am thankful for… Weekends!! Enough said. I’m looking forward to this weekend because we are having Mike’s sisters over on Friday night and my Pap’s 90th birthday party is on Saturday. Looking forward to next Saturday too because we’ll be spending quality time with friends!!



Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 6

I am thankful for… ING Direct! I think I first read about it on a blog. And then I decided to try it out and I LOVE IT. It’s such a life saver when it comes to budgeting and saving. At least for me. I can have as many savings accounts as I want(with no minimum balance) and they all show under the same account so it’s easy to move money around. It’s kinda like the envelope system but the envelopes are electronic. The only slow part is moving money back and forth from our non-ING account to ING(or vice versa).  It normally takes a few days for the money to be available but since ING now has checks it’s not really much of a bother… ING makes my life easier and that makes me happy!


ING Direct



Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day Five

I am thankful for… The Mountains! Both Mike and I love hiking. Mike probably more than me… It’s something we actually didn’t do enough of this year. For some reason the summer got away from us. And yes, I probably complain every time because I always get winded and feel out of shape while Mike charges up trails without needing to stop to catch his breath. This is probably more sad than I realize because we don’t do trails that are all that hard. But oh well… I always love the exercise, the quietness of the mountains and the quality time spent together!! And sometimes you get to see from pretty fantastic views!! :-)







PA091450 PA091455 PA091457 PA231463 PA231464 PA231465 PA231466