Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks – Day 10

I am thankful for… My Health! I believe this is something I take for granted often. But these last couple weeks I’ve been fighting a sore throat that always shows up this time of year when the weather changes. And it makes me thankful that the days of the year where I don’t have a sore throat out number the days of the year that I do. 




Last year this time I was headed into the days upon days of being sick… I am NEVER sick, it had been years(almost 10) since I’d been to the doctor for anything. And that was just a driver’s physical. And suddenly I found myself with shingles, a couple of UTI’s, hives, the flu, and cold after cold after cold. It was pretty much a miserable winter for me. My immune system seemed to be shot. Thankfully, I haven’t been sick since last winder ended(aside from some allergies) and I pray things will stay that way for me.

And despite the rough times I had last winter I am still very thankful for the health I have and pray the Lord continues to bless me with a healthy future!



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