Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ocean City, MD

What do you do at the beach in October? Walk the board walk, eat raspberry milkshakes, play mini golf, ride bikes, eat raspberry milkshakes, play frisbee, go swimming, play mini golf, eat raspberry milkshakes, watch the sunrise, take pictures of dolphin fins, go out for breakfast, mini golf, watch the car parade, walk the boardwalk, eat raspberry milkshakes.

Seriously have no clue how I managed to not get a picture of the raspberry milkshakes, we had one ever.single.day!


PA031330 PA031334 PA031338 PA031339 PA041341 PA041344 PA041355 PA041360 PA041367 PA051369 PA051373 PA051374 PA051381 PA061385 PA061386

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