Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 8

I am thankful for… Friends, old & new! First I’m not sure what life wouldn’t have been like without my best friend Kina. Life hasn’t been the same since both of us got married and she moved a couple hours away but I’m so thankful for the many memories we made and all the adventures we had together. I still have days that I miss her like crazy!!!


And I am also thankful for some new friends we made at church this year. We’ve had such fun hanging out with these couples and their kiddos and we look forward to future get togethers and getting to know them all even better!

Melissa, Drew & BraydonP8151089  


Jeff, Heather & Melissa(yes there are a lot of Melissa’s ;-) )


P.S. Please do not be offended if your name/picture didn’t make these post. It would have taken me forever to acknowledge everyone!! I’m thankful for all the friends in our lives!!


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