Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Grandparents

When my Grandparents were married and the words “til death do us part” were spoken, they truly meant what they said. What an example these two have been to their children as well as to their grandchildren. I’m sure during their many years of marriage they faced some very tough times. But they got through each of them and this year on December 8th they were able to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary!!! This is probably a number few couples get to celebrate together. And you can tell they still love each other plus now when they do get annoyed at one another they have the advantage of just turning their hearing aids off!! :-)

Pap Grandma 65th

This has been (from my point of view) quite a year for Pap and Grandma.

They were able to attend my wedding (which was very special for me)!!

121 MichaelandMelissa-19


And their first great-grandchild, Jaden was born!!


Grandma Jaden

Pap Jaden


Happy 65th Anniversary

Pap & Grandma!!

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  1. SO sweet!! AND I like the hearing aid comment! LOL!!