Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Did You Find In Your Washer Today?

Normally when you look in your washer you possibly see a forgotten sock, pieces of lint, if your lucky maybe even some loose change. But me? Nope, I wouldn’t be that fortunate. As I get ready to throw a load of whites in the washer I look down. And I spotted something… What is that? Ewww gross, I jump back thinking I’m going crazy. Then slowly it’s back for a second look… Sure enough, there was a BAT in my washing machine!!! This I truly could have lived without. But Dad was nice enough to come to the rescue since Mike was still at work. Thanks Dad and enjoy your new pet!! :-)




  1. Not something I'd want to find in my washing machine...

    But he's actually a tiny little bit kind of cute.

  2. I am putting my foot down, it has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He actually was kinda cute, I'd have to agree!

  4. Awww, you never let us keep any pets!! :-P