Monday, August 5, 2013

Intro before the coffee review….Part 1

I am going to attempt in this post to give the background in my coffee journey and hopefully keep it simple and informative. This is a hard subject to write about because to tell someone everything there is to know about coffee one could easily write a book. My goal for this will be to give simple guides to coffee and making coffee at home without dogma or being overly complicated about it.
The major fail many people are guilty of with coffee is they think all coffee is the same. Coffee varies at lot by how it is roasted and what region of the world the beans were grown in. Coffee is like any other food if you buy cheap and overly processed you will lose out on taste and enjoyment (most likely health benefits as well). Here are some popular roasts:
1) Breakfast Roast- this is a light roast with high acidity and no caramel notes.
2) City Roast- this is a little darker than the Breakfast Roast but not enough to loose the acidity but it has more of the caramel notes. This is the most popular roast of specialty coffee.
3) French Roast- this is the most pronounced roasted note. It moves beyond caramel and has spicy notes.
You will notice the darker the roast the shinier the beans are. This is because the longer they are roasted the more their oils will surface and coast the exterior of the bean.
I will post some information on the equipment I use to make coffee in part 2….

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