Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Irving Farm Coffee Review

First let me try to explain my lack of order and total randomness in regards to the coffee posts. This is obviously a hobby, I post for fun and when I have time. My goal is to do a number of random post about coffee experiences and build off each one. In addition to those posts I plan on reviewing different coffee roasts. The goal will be to stick mainly with PA coffee roasters. Although my first one is from our neighboring state of NY. End of Intro…now on to the actual review.


A big thank you to Irving Farm for sending me two of their roasts, Gotham Dark Roast and 71 Irving House Blend.

The 71 Irving House is a blended roast of beans from Latin America countries. I could tell by the taste and body right away. This is a lighter roast and it had a hint of sweetness (after I read the tasting notes on the back of the bag it had Chocolate listed). I will admit I am not a huge fan of lighter roast but this was very enjoyable. It was smooth and loaded with favors. Both of the roasts from Irving Farm tasted so much better made in the French press verses our auto-drip. It made the cups much brighter. You have to be careful with lighter roasts as the roaster can not hide mistakes as easy as they could with a darker roast. If you enjoy a medium light roast 71 Irving House is a safe bet!

The Gotham Dark roast was more my “taste”. Again this was a blend from Peru, El Salvador, and Honduras. This was harder hitting than the House BUT it was not the overpowering burnt the beans black taste that can come with some dark roasts. This one had hints of spice and smoke but neither was too heavy. I would recommend this to people who want to try a darker roast but fear they are too strong or bitter. This was neither. I would venture to guess the name “Gotham Dark Roast” scares some people away who would actually enjoy this. Think Bruce Wayne not Batman when sampling this coffee. You can find these and more at  www.irvingfarm.com

Fresh Gotham Dark Roast:

The beans before they went into the burr grinder. The Dark Roast is on the left and if you look carefully you will see the beans are “shiny” compared to the House Blend. This is because the dark roast bought the oil to the outside of the bean:

{Disclaimer}: This coffee was sent to me free in exchange for a review but our thoughts and opinions are my own.

Next up for review coffee from Fat Puppy Coffee.


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