Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation Day 5

Friday in Niagara Falls started out quite rainy. But since it was a light rain we walked around in it anyway. It wasn’t much different than the light mist you have to walk through when you get close to the falls.

We started by going to the Skylon and viewing the falls from the tower.

P6230926 P6230927 P6230928 P6230931

The hotel we stayed at.

 P6230933 P6230934 P6230936 P6230938

More mini golf. People there did not know how to play. It was crazy and plenty amusing!!

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Stopped here for brick oven pizza. Yum!


And ummm, yeah… more mini golf. But it was pretty cool to play glow in the dark mini golf! :-) And yes, people didn’t know how to play here either. Tourists don’t read directions…


P6240966 P6240968

Mike and “SpongeBob”. He looks so happy in this picture. LOL!


The only picture I got from our ride on the SkyWheel. It was to dark to take pictures. I was bummed because we missed seeing the fireworks over the falls by just a couple minutes…


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