Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation Day 3

Our travels on Wednesday took us to Sonnenberg Garden’s & Mansion.

Built in 1887, Sonnenberg's 40-room Mansion offers visitors a glimpse of what life was like in the late nineteenth century. Along with 17 other structures across the 50-acre property, the estate boasts nine formal gardens representing many cultures and historic periods including 12th-century Asia, 4th-century Rome and the French Renaissance. A 20-acre arboretum of rare and exotic trees, plants and unique landscapes stretches across the grounds, while a Lord & Burnham wood-and-glass greenhouse complex of the Victorian period features varieties of orchids, succulents, tropical plants and flowers, as well as vegetables.



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After touring the gardens we took a drive along lake Seneca. We stopped along the way and grabbed a bite to eat, sitting on the deck and enjoying the view.


Later that day we escaped some rain storms and played a couple games of mini golf! :-)

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And ended the evening with awesome sundaes from Abbotts. I had chocolate with marshmallow topping and heath bars. Yum!!!!


The sky looked awesome on the drive back to the bed and breakfast!!


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