Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Snow Go AWAY!!

In my book winter and snow are over rated. Especially now that Mike has a longer commute to work. Waking up to snow yesterday morning wasn’t a surprise we still didn’t welcome it! Mike shoveled and cleaned off the cars before breakfast. Of course until it was time to go to work the cars needed cleaned off again so I took my turn…

Our pretty tree in the front yard


Back yard this afternoon


Out front this evening as the snow fell, and fell and FELL…


Once  I knew that Mike was close to home I took another turn and shoveled a spot for him to park in.




And finally at 9pm, Mike took his turn again and shoveled and cleaned the cars off again. I’m sure tomorrow morning we’ll have to clean things up some more but hopefully the snow is done for awhile, maybe even until NEXT winter!! :-)


  1. Gotta agree with you.. I'm not a huge fan of the snow either. Would be nice if this is it for the winter, but I highly doubt it :-)

  2. heard more is heading this way Friday & Saturday :/ Haven't heard any amounts yet but I hope it's minimal!

  3. Totally agree about the snow! Keeps me stuck at home from work, and although that may be nice once in awhile, day after day gets kind of boring. :) ( don't tell my mother that, though. :))