Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here We Go Playing Catch Up Again

And I’m not sure I really want to try to catch up… No I know I don’t want to catch up. So here’s a feeble attempt via pictures!

My cousin got married!


We went to the beach with my parents and enjoyed our favorite pastime of playing mini golf(and eating ice cream)!!



 PA040548 PA040551 PA040552


 PA040556 PA050560


 PA050575 PA060578

Spent some time with my friend Kina and her son Ethan… We are once again long overdue for another get together!!


Hannah’s 6th birthday!


Grandparents 67 Anniversary. Just amazing!!

 PC080857 PC080860

Went to Disney for work/play. So fun!!

PB140597 PB140606 PB140611


 PB140616 PB150755 PB150756 PB150769 PB160779 PB160780 PB160786 PB160805 PB160823 PB160824


Christmas time with Mike’s family

PC210875 PC210877


 PC210882 PC210888

Time with friends Simon & Jenny


Christmas Eve/Christmas with my family


 PC240912 PC240913


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