Thursday, November 1, 2012

One of the best things…

There’s so much I meant to blog about this year that I never got around to. I’m constantly not blogging current events thinking that I “might” catch up. But I’m fairly certain that’s never really going to happen so I might as well put my out of order life on the blog. Ever year has it’s high points and I’d have to say that one of this years was being able to be there when my Niece Megan was born. What an amazing experience!! I’m grateful that Sarah allowed me to share in that moment…

Baby shower picture :)


Settled in for the short wait(labor and delivery lasted only 4 hours)


P6130354 P6130361 P6130379P6130382 P6140386 P6140388

Growing up FAST!!!

P6230404 P6230406


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