Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up – 2011

From the looks of things we didn’t do a single thing the end of 2011. But the photos I have saved on my computer tell me otherwise…

We kept busy doing all kinds of things while 2011 was quickly coming to an end…

We babysat - (How we miss this little girl since she moved away)

 PB011478 PB011482 PB011483

Went on a walk with my parents -

PB061493 PB061495

Went on a walk around Gettysburg -


And also went on a walk at the park at Hagerstown

PB201544 PB201550

Saw my nephew Jaden -


And went on a hike with Mike’s sisters -

PB271588 PB271589 PB271590

Yes we do love spending time outdoors!!

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  1. Nice pictures Melissa! It was great to see an picture post :-) I've enjoyed your cooking blog too :-)