Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday – Conference Day 2 & Magic Kingdom

By Tuesday time already seemed to be flying by!! I had a bit of time between breakfast and my first class so I stole a quick walk with Mike around the lake. Then it was off to a day of classes. Then it was the big NextGen Client Event. A private after hours party at Magic Kingdom. Of course very few rides were open but it was still quite the experience!! We loved space mountain and the awesome fireworks display!! The last thing we saw that night was Cinderella. We didn’t stick around to see what happened when the clock struck 12 though… :-)

P1010051 P1010052 P1010053 P1010054 P1010055 P1010056  P1010058 P1010061  P1010063 P1010065 P1010066  P1010068 P1010070 P1010071 P1010072  P1010074   P1010078 P1010079 P1010080     P1010085  P1010087      P1010093 P1010094

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