Monday, October 25, 2010

A Hiking We Will Go

Yesterday was beautiful and I wanted to go for a hike but instead we took a nap(sleeping in a strange bed while house sitting makes you tired). So I couldn’t let today slip by without spending some time outdoors… Mike’s brother and sisters were coming over so I suggested going out to Caledonia and I’m glad we did. It was a beautiful day and we have a fun time walking, and taking pictures…


P1011193 P1011194

Boys will be boys… P1011198 P1011200 P1011201

Sisters! P1011202 P1011209

Mike, Jerry, Lizzy & Lyd


& Me! P1011212

I want Mike to carve our initials in this tree!! P1011216 P1011217 P1011219 P1011221

So in love… P1011222

I want to hold this hand FOREVER!! P1011224 

So glad we had an enjoyable weekend before going back to the grind in the morning…

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